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Our Professional Guides
Alex Walker
John Moller
Andres Bifani

We are renowned in the industry for the superb professionalism of our guides, who are considered to be the 'best of the best' within the 'safari' sector. They include:

Alex Walker

Alex Walker, who is Kenyan by birth, has been guiding, leading and organizing safaris throughout Africa for the past fifteen years. He spent his childhood in the bush lands of Southern Tanzania, in the forests of the Mau in Kenya, and amid the mountains and vast wilderness areas of Southern Sudan. Here, he learned to hunt on foot alongside his father's trackers and developed an early fascination with the wilderness. At the age of five, Alex had developed a vocation for life. Upon leaving school Alex was apprenticed to two of East Africa's best-known safari professionals, Robin Hurt and Danny McCallum, and by the age of nineteen he had become a fully licensed professional hunter. Since then, he has hunted in Tanzania, Botswana, Sudan, Central Africa and Kenya. Now thirty-four, Alex currently guides both hunting and photographic safaris in Tanzania and Botswana; and photographic and wing-shooting safaris in Kenya. Alex has also founded a film production company specializing in wildlife and conservation productions.

John Moller

John Moller, a third generation Kenyan, has been leading safaris for over 20 years. Well known and respected for his vast knowledge of the African bush, he has lead expeditions into the remotest parts of Africa's Sudan, Ethiopia, Zaire, Kenya and Tanzania. A true son of Africa, John was entitled 'Honorary Game Warden of Sudan and Kenya', and was appointed Official Tourist Consultant to the President of Ethiopia. A committed conservationist, he has conducted countless anti-poaching patrols throughout Africa saving thousands of animals each year.At 42 years old John is one of Kenya's more experienced guides and has been guiding and operating safaris since 1978, when he was instrumental in staging the famous "Lion charge" scene in the movie "Out of Africa".

Andres Bifani

Andres Bifani was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1961. Brought up in Chile, Holland and Kenya, he attended the E.S.R.A. (Ecole Superieure Realisation Audiovisuelle) in Paris, where he graduated in 1984. Moving to Kenya, he began work as a photographer and film director/producer, and established his own company, Location Africa Films Ltd, which produces features for local advertising agencies and international TV networks, in particular BBC TV. An intrepid adventurer, Andres has traveled extensively in many African countries on professional assignments that range from the making of documentary films to the production of fashion catalogues and the running of refugee camps in Burundi, Zaire and Sudan. Andres speaks fluent French, Spanish, Italian, English and Swahili. 


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