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Deep-sea fishing

East Africa is a Mecca for deep-sea fishermen, many world and all-Africa records being held in Kenya. There are six types of billfish in Kenyan waters, striped, blue and black marlin being the main species together with sailfish, swordfish, sharks, wahoo, yellowfin, tuna and dorado. Kenya operates a ‘tag and release’ system. Boats typically depart in the early morning, trawl for bait and then head out to the deep water to wait for the big catch. The fishing season is August to March (billfish season from November to March). 

Big game fishing for marlin, tuna, king fish, wahu etc using fully-equipped and crewed boats.

River or lake fishing

There is good trout fishing (fly) in the lakes and streams of Mount Kenya and the Aberdares, or on private dams in western Kenya. Excellent Nile perch and tillapia fishing can be arranged from Mfangano, Rusinga and Takawiri islands in Lake Victoria, or from Loyangalini or Kalokol on Lake Turkana. Spinning for black bass and tilapia is popular on Lake Naivasha. Equipment provided. 

Before you go fishing

Please note the following:

  • Ensure that your Trout Fishing License is valid, enter your name and address in the Fish Scout’s book and give full details of your catch.
  • The use of natural bait, (meat, worms, grasshoppers or corn meal) is prohibited within the National Parks and Reserves as is the use of spinning lures and any lure with more than one hook. 
  • Because the rivers are seldom very wide and the banks generally overgrown a short rod of 7-8 feet is recommended and it is advisable to take a net – just in case you land the big one! 
  • Whilst there is no size limit for trout, sport fishermen are required to return all small fish to the water, provided they are not injured.
  • Bag limit for all the public rivers stands at 6 rainbow trout per license per day and 4 brown trout per license per day. 
  • Whilst there is no closed season, some rivers are closed from time to time and fishing within the Forest Reserves is generally not permitted. Closed rivers and reaches are, however, normally clearly marked.
  • Because most fishing can be done from the bank, the wearing of waders is not necessary although long trousers are recommended as protection against stinging and scratching plants and grass. 

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