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Kenya offers some unusual lava tube caves, which were created when molten lava flowing downhill solidified on the surface while still flowing beneath. Holes in the surface layer allowed air to enter behind the lava flow forming caves. Options include the Suswa Caves near Narok, and Leviathan cave in the Chyulu Hills. Leviathan is the world’s second largest lava tube system with over 11km of ucanderground passages. Kenya is also famous for the cave systems of Mount Elgon:

The Elkony Caves 

One of Mount Elgon’s most exciting attractions is the selection of ancient caves, known collectively as the Elkony Caves, which honeycomb its lower slopes. Technically described as lava tube caves, these massive caverns, some of which extend 200 meters horizontally into the mountain, were formed many millions of years ago. There are four main caves on the Kenyan side of the mountain, all of which are accessible and open to visitors. Tip: Don’t forget to take a torch with you if you want to explore the caves.

The Kitum Cave

The most famous of the caves, Kitum Cave, achieved global fame when a television documentary showed the nightly pilgrimage of hundreds of elephant into its eerily bat-filled caves. Kitum (translated as ‘Place of Ceremonies’ in Maasai) extends horizontally into the heart of the mountain for 200 m of dark and winding tunnels wherein thousands of Rousette fruit bats roost. Note: night visits to the caves are only allowed under the escort of a Park ranger.

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