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Guaranteed Departures
Our guaranteed departure portfolio
Guaranteed departures, efficiency assured
When you’re planning a safari, social event or business schedule in Africa, reliability, precision pre-planning and sound back-up services are essential. 
You also need to know that your safari guides are trained to the highest possible standards; that your vehicles are maintained to optimum specifications in terms of both safety and comfort; and that there’s a team of highly trained travel professionals constantly monitoring your progress. 
It’s also good to know that you can look forward to a warmth of welcome and a degree of genuine friendliness that is rarely matched worldwide. 
Why ‘guaranteed departures’?
Performance guaranteed
We have worked hard to establish a level of credibility, efficiency and guaranteed excellence that is seldom matched. So much so, that our clients have come to expect a standard of delivery that is ‘performance guaranteed’. Much of our success is due to the fact that we only offer those scheduled departures that we absolutely guarantee will depart: on time, as outlined, to schedule and beyond expectations. 
We plan our schedules according to a modular system, which in the interests of simplicity runs from Friday to Thursday. This allows us to offer a range of ‘extension trips’: to the Indian Ocean or to the surrounding region. We also offer a broad range of ‘add-on’ Nairobi-based accommodation and sightseeing options, which can come into play at the beginning or end of your safari. 
Schedules apart, we want you to know that whatever you’d like to do, and whenever you’d like to do it… we’re here for you.
Liberty Africa Safaris - Promise yourself the freedom to discover Africa at her best
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Best of Kenya Safari

This 7-day road safari, which features both traditional safari lodges and a luxury tented camp experience, contrasts the Afro-Alpine scenery of the world-famous Aberdare National Park with the starkly arid beauty of the northern Samburu district. It also showcases the renowned Masai Mara National Reserve and the glory of Lake Nakuru National Park, home to over one million flamingoes.

7 days
6 nights

Elephant Trails Safari

This 7-day safari contrasts the haunting beauty of world-famous Amboseli National Park, where vast herds of elephants wade amid brilliant green swamps, and a rich array of wildlife are showcased against the Hollywood backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, with the exclusive game-rich realm of the Taita Hills Game Reserve. Thereafter, relax into three nights of sun, silver sand and Indian Ocean paradise at the sumptuous 4-star Southern Palms Beach Resort.

7 days
6 nights

Essential Kenya Safari

This compact 7-day safari, contrasts the cool green of the forests of Mount Kenya, with the strikingly arid beauty of the northern Samburu National Reserve, before allowing for two whole days on safari in the magnificence of the world-famous Masai Mara National Reserve. Capitalizing on both road and air transport, it also features one of Kenya’s most renowned and gracious hotels and a two of her most charming luxury tented camps. 

7 days
6 nights

Tanzania Showcase Safari

This 6-day road safari, which has as its backdrop the legendary snows of Mount Kilimanjaro, showcases the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater, the famous Olduvai Gorge prehistoric site, the mighty Serengeti and the tree-climbing lions of beautiful Lake Manyara.

6 days
5 nights

Ultimate Kenya

This 9-day safari which can depart on any day of the week, offers the ultimate insight into a privileged aspect of Kenya that is never experienced by the typical safari packages. Starting from the historic luxury of Kenya’s most famous hotel, it offers three days in an exclusive bush camp located at the heart of a private conservancy on the borders of the famous Masai Mara National Reserve. Thereafter, four days in a Robinson Crusoe-styled camp ...

6 days
5 nights

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