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Boating, Canoeing & Kayaking

Canoeing is a great way to get close to the wildlife without the hassles of a vehicle. There are great places to boat and canoe in the lakes of Rift Valley.

Lake Baringo has great opportunities to canoe along with local fishermen, learning about their culture and fishing techniques. At Lake Naivasha guests can have canoeing and kayaking trips to the wonderful Crescent Island bird Sanctuary.

Every year, there are several Rowing and Canoeing Championships held at Masinga Dam, on the Tana River. Here, teams from many countries like Egypt, Nigeria and the Seychelles compete with local teams like the Kenyan Navy team. These are great tournaments to watch as they are very entertaining.

There are many opportunities for canoeing and kayaking at the coast and on inland waters. Most of the Kenya coastline is sheltered by protective reef, providing calm conditions that are ideal for sea kayaking.

There are however some locations where you cannot canoe due to dangers from hippo and crocodiles. These places will be clearly marked and you should not go there.

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