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East Africa is the bird capital of the world. Kenya alone boasts 1,137 bird species and has the second-highest country bird-species-count (after the Congo) in Africa; and the fourth highest in the world. East Africa is also home to the world-famous Rift Valley lakes, where over two billion greater and lesser flamingoes frost the shores coral pink. Dedicated ornithological safaris can also be specifically tailored to the interests of a specific group. Professional ornithological guides will also be provided and tours can be arranged so as to span a number of different regions or countries. 

Bird shooting

Shooting for guinea fowl , francolin, spur fowl and sand grouse is available on a number of private conservancies. There are two shooting seasons, timed to run prior to the rainy period during which game birds breed. The shooting in Kenya is entirely natural with the emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

The bird hunting season runs July 1 to Oct. 31 and again from Feb. 1 to Mar. 31. The hunting is not hot-barred but still very good from both a variety and numbers standpoint.

Daily bag limits are 25 doves, 20 sandgrouse and 15 ground birds, and limits are enforced.

Venues include Borana Lodge, Likipia and Kalacha Camp in the Chalbi Desert, which is renowned for its Lichtenstein's sand grouse and chestnut bellied sand grouse; Amboseli, Samburu.

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