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Banquets & Theme Nights

Bush breakfast/dinner

Dine in the wild and taste safari-life at its best. Nothing is quite so essentially ‘Safari’ as the traditional ‘bush dinner’, or breakfast. Typically located in a scenic spot, most bush meals feature meat or fish that is cooked on the spot (on glowing charcoal fires) as well as a selection of fruits, salads etc that have been brought from the lodge. There will usually be a safari bar serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Presentation is of the highest quality and, if the meal takes place in the evening, campfires and hurricane lanterns are provided; sometimes entertainment in the form of dancing and/or music. 

Evening ‘sundowners’

The ‘sundowner’ is an essential part of safari life, which originated with the classic hunting safaris of the 1920s. Timed to commence as the sun starts its descent, the sundowner typically begins with a gentle evening game drive, arriving at a specially chosen scenic spot as the evening sky turns golden-pink. Usually, safari chairs will be provided, often a campfire, hurricane lamps and a ‘bush bar’. Sometimes cocktail snacks are also served. As night falls, you will be driven back to the lodge in time for dinner. This is an experience not to be missed.

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