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Fly Camping
Karisia Walking Safaris
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Karisia Walking Safaris
Lukula Selous Camp
Karisia Walking Safaris

Fly-camping as an additional activity is the chance to share something completely new and unique; an outing ideally suited to families, couples and friends in search of uninterrupted personal time. Camping in the bush is a truly holistic experience allowing visitors to sample the unspoilt environment first hand.

The term “Fly camping” stems from the early days of hunting safaris where outings took the form of several successive nights on the trot in a different location each night. To make matters more practical each person would carry their own tent; consisting of a fly sheet and not much more. These days fly-camping is usually from one camp location base, but still provides one with the same intimate experience of sleeping out in the bush away from distractions, but on a slightly grander scale. Guests are provided with simple yet comfortable accommodation. A safe haven in the form of a canvas cocoon is what separates us from the creatures of the night, whilst providing that same ultra thrilling wild experience as before.

The fly camp is prepared before guests leave Camp by our fly camp team, in a location depending on the season. As well as an armed ranger clients are accompanied by the fly camp team, which consists of two assistants. One of our excellent chefs accompanies the expedition, providing delicious meals in spite of what one might think of as very basic conditions!

How safe is sleeping in the bush?

Every moment spent out in the bush, an armed, experienced and capable ranger provided by the wildlife division is at hand, both by night and by day. Animals do occasionally pass through the vicinity of the fly camp; during the day on their travels to and fro the river, and at night on their prowling rounds. Two large fully loaded fires are left burning through the night to ward off unwanted visitors.  


Showering is done in true bush fashion. The shower ‘bucket’, on which is a tap and a conventional showerhead supplying ample pressure, is suspended overhead. Hot water from the fire is added in the morning for a fresh outdoor experience.

The loo is comfortable - a true environmentally friendly piece of equipment; at the same time clean and hygienic.

Typically a day in camp usually starts off with tea and coffee at first light before a walk to stimulate the appetite in time for a mid morning breakfast. Relaxing in the quiet of camp with a book in the shade is a popular way to begin siesta time after lunch. Bird watching for the enthusiast or fishing for the outdoorsman is the best recommended way to while away the hot hours until an afternoon drive or walk.

A drink by the fire after dinner helps to sooth away the hardships of the camping experience.

Guests are free to decide what activities they would like to undertake from the fly-camp; however the walking is strongly recommended. The walking safari is led by an experienced guide and is accompanied by a park ranger. The location varies seasonally. There is a mix of vegetation ranging from dense areas to the more traditional open savannah. The open ground allows for game to be spotted readily beneath the back drop of beautiful views, while the more densely vegetated area allows for the finer details of the wild: the plants, insects and spoor, to be observed. 

To eat under the African night sky viewing stars unaffected by unnatural light, to hear the sounds of life around you while you lie in your bed before sleep and to feel the excitement which accompanies the lonely sensation of vulnerability.

Our preparation for the fly camp and walking safari has been carefully considered providing a very real and unforgettable experience laced with subtle luxury. 

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