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At Liberty East Africa we are the first in the region to realize that events carry their sponsor’s names and it is therefore a matter of enormous importance when the reputation of that name is entrusted to another organization. Perhaps it is this awareness of that fact that has enabled us to successfully operate the many successful events that we have operated. Our knowledge and experience in East Africa has enabled us to, often, lead the way in offering imaginative ideas and extraordinary activities for the MICE market. 

We are alert to the need for a flawless transport service, and a meticulously sensitive understanding to the importance of attention to detail. Flowers of company colors in bedrooms, theme evenings, tribal dancers, gourmet meals, bush banquets, ice sculptures, hospitality desks, memorable giveaways are just normal plans.

In East Africa most difficulties with MICE organization arise from the fact that many groups are larger than the accommodation available in game lodges. This requires a skillful arrangement of itinerary so that the whole group has the same exciting experiences yet converge at the right places and at the right times to fulfill group and corporate activities. The same skill that goes into the organization also assures you that there is no wastage, no unnecessary mileage and no over extravagance. With Liberty Africa you just cannot go wrong!

So why East Africa, why Liberty Africa? 

• Cradle of mankind: … discover the birthplace of civilization
A meeting-planner’s career would hardly be complete without an incentive to East Africa. “Why?” you might ask. Well, quite simply, a corporate event in these countries takes on a wholly unique aspect in the region where mankind was born.
• Pristine beauty:  ...experience the magic of East Africa
East Africa is still a little mysterious – the lands of real safari – wild animals in wild places – colorful tribesmen – where mercifully the demands of civilization have not yet swept away the miracles of nature. Add to the romance a plentitude of sun, wide, white beaches washed by an opal ocean, and you have a true reward and impact destination.
• Team at your service:   …share in a decade of business… a decade of passion
There are no half measures; emotions and passions run high at all times. To keep our finger on the pulse, attention to detail and a faultless organisation lie at the heart of a service that builds bridges between the group and the extraordinary natural spectacle that unfolds during the event… We seek to cultivate a sense of harmony in every event we are commissioned to organise. And it is a source of pride when our clients return and choose “our” destinations and services for the second or third time!
• Unmatched cultural diversity:  …delight in our world famed hospitality
To travel through East Africa is to experience a unique cultural mosaic as old as creation itself. From the prehistoric records of early man to the present day, East Africa has been a region of unending change, contrasts and diversity. Experince firsthand our culture that weaves a thread of variety through the manner of dress, language, music, dance, traditions, cuisine and an elegant people famous for their inimitable hospitality.
• Creativity at it’s best: …enjoy upmarket facilities be it in the bush or in the city
Putting together the perfect MICE package to suit any individual needs and interests couldn’t be any easier than in East Africa – naturally endowned and the perfect team at your disposal. 
Liberty Incentives & Congresses East Africa - bringing to life your clients dreams of Africa!

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